'Bones' Recap: Booth Settles a Score and a Beloved Character Dies

'Bones' Recap: Booth Settles a Score and a Beloved Character Dies
We've rounded the corner, Bones fans. "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score" begins the second half of Bones' final season. The search for Aldo's killer continues as another of Booth's military brothers is tortured and killed. Even more devastating is the toll these events take on the Booth family when they lose a beloved family member.

The identity of the man Booth locks away at the close of this episode is a bit of a surprise given how innocent the guy seemed. We've seen so many bait-and-switch situations on crime shows that I'm not completely convinced that Mark Kovac is the mastermind behind this campaign of torture and murder. We still have five episodes to go, so it is quite possible that we have not seen the end of Booth's past coming back to bite him in the ass.

A Completely Innocent Bystander is Tortured and Killed

The remains of Margaret Kwan are found in the forest with a rare hummingbird broach embedded in the chest. Margaret had been duct taped to a table and tortured repeatedly, then had her throat slit. Sound familiar? Yep, very similar to what happened to Aldo Clemens, whose remains were found in "The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past." Coincidence? Not likely.

This elderly woman, Margaret, was a recluse who went weeks without ever leaving her home. At her apartment, Aubrey and Booth find nothing but boxes of mail order items, leading them to the only person who had any contact with her: the National Parcel delivery man, Michael Reiss. Reiss, it so happens, was one of Booth's military brothers who has not been heard from in a couple weeks. The team suspects that it has something to do with Margaret's death. 

Booth's Past is the Key to the Killer's Identity

At the end of "The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past," we learned that Aldo killed himself (after being tortured to hell and back) rather than give up the name of the person who put a bullet through war criminal General Josip Radik's skull back in Serbia 20 years previously. Booth was the sniper who put a bullet through Radik's skull in the middle of his son's sixth birthday party. That's who Aldo had been protecting. Booth suspected that this killer would not stop until they avenged Radik's death. 

At this point, Brennan sends Christine, Hank and Max to a safe house until this killer is captured and locked away for life. 

Aubrey Interrogates Caroline.jpg
Dog hair and pool cue chalk lead Booth and Aubrey to a bar, where Booth sees a photograph of a kid he recognizes as Radik's son. That kid, now called Mark Kovac, was sent to the United States and adopted out to an American family. Now he's an EMT and a decorated war hero who served two tours in Iraq as a medic. Even the guy's military psych evaluation is whistle clean, though that seems a little fishy. 

Aubrey and Booth visit Kovac in his home. He seems to be a decent guy who seems genuinely shocked and innocent until Booth makes him cut the crap. He finally admits that he knows of his parentage, but he hadn't even told his own wife because being the son of a man who believed in ethnic cleansing would have made him very unpopular with the refugee crowd. 

Reiss is Found Tortured to Death By the Dark Tetrad

The missing soldier/delivery man, Michael Reiss, is found mutilated and tortured to death in an abandoned gym alongside a slab, which must have held the body of Margaret Kwan. The team surmises that the killer, or killers, must have tortured Margaret in front of Reiss to get him to talk. After Margaret was dead, however, they used every tool in the box to inflict pain on poor Reiss, who I can't tell if they ever broke because my TV signal kept going wonky. 

The unreasonably extended mutilation on Reiss' body convinces Arastoo that this killer falls under the category of Dark Tetrad. This guy prolonged the torture because he enjoyed inflicting it. He is a psychopathic Machiavellian narcissist with sadistic tendencies. Basically, the bastard is a remorseless manipulator who believes that the world truly does revolve around his own navel and who gets his rocks off by watching other people in agony.

Kovac Seeks Asylum at the FBI

While Aubrey, Carolina and Booth frantically search for legal cause to toss Kovac's apartment for evidence that he is the killer, Kovac shows up at the FBI saying that he's being framed by the real killer. His wife, Jeannine, is the real estate agent who listed both the abandoned gym where Margaret and Reiss were found and the old recording studio where Aldo's remains were found. Of course, we're all thinking he's really there to attempt to gain Booth's trust so he can get him alone and kill him. 

Booth isn't buying anything Kovac is saying, and thank god for that. He still acts pretty innocent, and I'm still on the fence with this one, people.

Brennan reads iPad.12.6.jpg
Dead Bodies are Everywhere at the Safe House

While Kovac attempts to charm a righteously resistant Booth, the call comes in that shots have been fired at the safe house where Christine, baby Hank and Max are stashed. Arriving on the scene, Booth finds FBI agent bodies all over the place as well as the bodies of the two Serbs who are assumed to be part of the evil team. At least, this is what I think has happened. Anyway, there are bloody bodies all over the place -- it's a miracle Christine and Hank emerge unscathed. Max, however, doesn't fare so well. 

Either Max or one of the FBI agents killed the Serbs after they tripped the safety wire. Regardless, Max took a couple of bullets to the chest. Brennan hops into the ambulance to speed off to the hospital with her father. 

How did the Serbs find the Booth children since they had left all electronics behind when they went into hiding? Apparently, Max's new pacemaker was the giveaway. Somehow (who knows how?), the evil people were able to track the family down by pinging that pacemaker. 

Booth Collars Kovac, and Max Keenan Dies with Brennan at His Side

At the beginning of the episode, Brennan is understandably upset when she learns that Max has gotten a pacemaker without ever telling her that something was wrong with his heart. That's all we hear about it until the end of the episode when he's carted off into surgery.

At the Hoover, Booth throws the book at Kovac, who admits nothing but does ask Booth if he killed his father, General Josip Radik. Booth doesn't give Kovac the satisfaction of an answer as he cuffs him.

At the hospital, Max wakes up from surgery to find Brennan by his side. He recounts for her the details of a wonderful dream he had about her and Russ and his wife, recalls some memories from Brennan's childhood and then dies. Holy phalanges, Batman. Not that we didn't see that coming. We were teased about there being a death in this final chapter. It just sucks to see Max take his final bow.

Is Max's the only death we'll see before the final curtain falls on Bones? Who else might take a final breath in one of the five remaining episodes? Whatever happened to Pops? After Ralph Waite passed away in 2014, we were promised that his character's demise would be respectfully acknowledged, but that has yet to materialize exactly three years later. Finally, what kind of fresh hell is Sully's return going to stir up when he returns in the next episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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